AP-5 Deployable Turret

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Auto turret
AP-5 Deployable Turret
Production information





Portable turret

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

35 (10 for AI)

Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode


Ammunition Type


Rate of Fire

Very high






Replica Forces


The AP-5 Deployable Turret is a weapon that appears in F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point and F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate.

Vivendi TimelineEdit

F.E.A.R.: Extraction PointEdit

The AP-5 Deployable Turret is much like the AT-S Proximity Mine in which the Point Man tosses it in front of him. It can stick to the floor, the walls, or even the ceiling. The device contains a single small automatic turret gun that will lock onto and fire upon any enemies that pass near it. Turrets have decent durability, and can take several hits from enemy fire before being destroyed.

Turrets have a good rate of fire and do decent damage, especially if the player sets up multiple turrets together so that they can concentrate their firepower on assailants. Turrets also serve as a good distraction as they give the enemy something to shoot at other than the Point Man or the Sergeant. As a result, the player can often nail enemy soldiers while they're distracted fighting the turrets. In some cases, if the Point Man is not detected, he can use the turret to draw them out.

While they may seem invincible, turrets don't work well in wide-open areas, as enemies can just snipe them from long range, and their imperfect accuracy causes them to miss more often. They are best set up around corners, behind objects, or in cul-de-sacs. The player should set them up in such a way that they'll ambush any enemies running through an area that requires defending, preferably at a fairly close range to reduce the chances of grenades being thrown at it.

Although somewhat uncommon, several stockpiles of deployable turrets lying around can be found throughout the game. Turrets deployed by the player will have a green light, while turrets deployed by enemies have a red light.

F.E.A.R.: Perseus MandateEdit

In F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate, a limit has been set for the number of AP-5 Deployable Turret that can be active at any one time. There can only be three friendly deployable turrets active on a level at once. If the Sergeant tries to lay a fourth turret, the first turret will blow up, keeping the number at three. Like AT-S Proximity Mine, it can be retrieved.

If deployed near an active scarecrow nest, the turret will not be able to kill it if the turret cannot aim at the "inside"of the nest; if thrown into the nest, the turret will explode, causing little harm to the scarecrow.

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