This article contains Notable Quotes from Armacham Phase Commanders.

F.E.A.R. 3Edit

  • "This is the Phase Commander. Hostiles must not reach the evac teams at the base of the tower. You will retreat only when I give the order."
  • "Delay request. New order, eliminate F.E.A.R. squad member Jin Sun-Kwon and high value experiment known as Point Man."
  • "Comply with orders or suffer dismemberment."
  • "You are listening, aren't you? I have seen your file. You're Armacham property. A rejected prototype. A failure. I ERASE FAILURES."
  • "Negative. Units under my command will remain until F.E.A.R. targets are pacified. I will find you... failure."
  • "I know you can hear me. I have your squad mate. She must be important to you. Like family?
  • "I know all about you. First born son of Alma... an inbred, test tube abomination. A failed experiment. Your childhood spent in the shadow of your cellmate, never knowing your own homicidal brother. Your entire family are nothing but monsters that never should have existed."
  • "Come on, "Super Soldier." Let your weakness bring you right to me."
  • "Time for me to erase you like all the other failures."
  • "They should have tossed you out when you are born."
  • "I'll send you to hell with your brother."
  • "Phase Commander on site! All yankee calls will be under my command!"
  • "Do you always need that woman to explain things to you, weakling? You are too far behind to catch your "Becket" now."
  • "You are a weak, biological failure. We will see to it you are wiped from existence like you should have been years ago."
  • "Frail little animal!"
  • "Technology is superior."
  • "You cannot defeat me. I am much BETTER THAN YOU."
  • "You're wasting your time. We will get Alma under control before you ever find her."
  • "You have gone far ENOUGH!"

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