Cancellation is an intel report from F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. The report is found in the Interval 05 - Provocation - Snake Fist. The intel is about the evaluation report of the 8-year old Alma Wade. Apparently, the tests on her has gone too far and Harlan Wade believed it was too dangerous to continue, so the Project Origin was temporary cancelled after this report was written.


Archival File: PROJECT: ORIGIN

Subject Name: Alma Wade

Subject Age: 8 years old

Phase VI testing evaluation: See attachment C - 2. Lab and personnel destroyed by spontaneously generated fire that appears to have been generated by subject.
Further testing on hold, subject isolated in induced coma.

Phase VII testing cancelled per Harlan Wade. Subject deemed too dangerous and unstable to proceed.

Recommendation: Containment.

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