This page contains a list of Notable Quotes spoken by Douglas Holiday.

F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault ReconEdit

  • "These men are from F.E.A.R. They're special attachments to our unit for the duration of this OP. They'll be on point. Their mission is to access the nature of the threat. Our job is to keep them alive. Do not engage the enemy. Remember that we are not dealing with ordinary bad guys. Team One will move in from the southwest. Team Two will approach from the north. Once our recon is complete, we'll rendezvous and await for further orders. Okay, let's saddle up!"
  • "Hold your fire! Hey, good to see you again. Any way to get these gates open? Then I guess we're gonna have to improvise. Stand back. We're through!"
  • "Man, I should have called in sick today."
  • "You gonna show us where that hostage is at?"
  • "That's right. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Whoever rigged this is definitely a pro. He may be a pro, but I'm the master."
  • "A fire alarm?
  • "We're takin' fire! Get us the hell outta here! Bishop's down! Repeat, Bishop's down! That was ATC security! Oh yeah, I'm sure. Didn't seem friendly to me. I think they were deliberately targeting Bishop. I guess they didn't trust him to keep his mouth shut about somethin'."
  • "I'll live but it'll be awhile before I can ice skate again."
  • "Don't worry, I'm just playing. I won't mess with your girlfriend."
  • "You Korean? You've been over there? I love Kimchi. Pizza's good too."
  • "I hear you're a bad motherfucker, I hope it's true."

F.E.A.R. Extraction PointEdit

  • "I'm gettin' reports from all over the city. There's still pockets of Delta Force out there. We're trying to set up an extraction point at the hospital a couple miles from here. Auburn Memorial."
  • "You're not the only bad motherfucker out here."
  • "Shit. Looks like you got twenty more of those testube mother fuckers headin' your way. If you got any more tricks up your sleeve, I'd try 'em now."
  • "I know you guys deal with the spook house shit. And somethin' tells me you've never dealt with anything like this before."
  • "Weren't you supposed to kill him?!"
  • "Uh oh. You go ahead, I got your back."
  • "Careful, I got a bad feelin' about this..."
  • "I'm not exactly bearing the curiosity about what's on the other side, are you?"
  • "This is not good."

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