Dual MP-970
Production information





Machine pistol

Technical specifications

Two Handed

Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode

Fully Automatic

Ammunition Type

.40 Cal ACP

Rate of Fire







SM15 Machine Pistol




The Dual MP-970 is a dual wielded machine pistol in F.E.A.R. 3.

Monolith TimelineEdit

F.E.A.R. 3Edit

The MP-970 carries the most amount of bullets per magazine, and is perfect for use against melee-oriented enemies.

It deals out moderate damage and fires very rapidly, and despite being a dual wielded weapon, it has fairly good accuracy at close range. While the Point Man can carry a lot of ammunition for this weapon, he needs a lot of ammunition to kill one enemy as well; due to the large spread and low damage, so fire in bursts if the player needs to conserve ammunition. Despite having a large amount of ammo available, reload is fairly rapid, making it a good weapon for aggressive player or the player in F**king run multiplayer mode.

This weapon is found in Intervals 03, 05, 07 and 08.


  • Stamped on the side of the weapon is "FULL AUTO ONLY," and under that "FOR F.E.A.R. UNITS ONLY."
  • When special Armacham Soldiers use this weapon, they don't dual wield, but in fact fire only one of the guns. However, upon their death, dual pistols are available for pick-up, although the soldier was using only one. They also hold the gun in a rifle-like grip, though the MP-970 has no such grip.
  • The MP-970s have a slide operation akin to a Magnum Research Desert Eagle.
  • The MP-970s have a green reflex sight like most other weapons in the game, however, they are very tiny and barely visible. The green stripe will turn orange while aimed at an enemy or explosive.
  • The Point Man will always duel-wield the MP-970 in singleplayer, though the F.E.A.R. operative in multiplayer can use a single MP-970, notably the in the "F**king Run!" mode. The enemy MP-970 user also carries one at a time.
  • Although the crosshairs of the weapon are the largest in the game (suggesting poor accuracy), the pistols actually can fire a fairly accurate group of shots at a longer distance than would be expected.
  • 20 kills with MP-970 will complete the "Bullet Hose" challenge that gives the player 3500 points.
  • The MP-970 is a hybrid design, featuring design elements from a pair of real-life machine pistols; the Polish PM-98 and the Steyr TMP, with the Steyr TMP's influence in the MP-970's design best seen in the grips of this weapon.


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