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Fire Storm
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Fire Storm is one of the campaign missions available in F.E.A.R. Online


This article is about a walkthrough from F.E.A.R. Online, and is therefore written like a guide.

The campaign involves escaping a wall of flame, after a massive explosion occurred underground.

Stage 1 Edit

The corridor will have balconies which will feature ATC who will try to shoot you. Cover yourself and your teammates by shooting them while being aware of the gradually approaching flames behind you. Turn left and once you reach the indicated locator the abominations will appear out of the entrances (the entrances lead to dead ends). Go left and you will see the next safepoint. Go through despite the ATCs and abominations. Let all your team members reach the area to lock the door and prepare for the next stage. get the ammo and health pack within the safe room and reload and prepare for running through the next stage.

Stage 2 Edit

The next stage will lead you to wade through water. be careful due to the abominations dropping down in the water and it can be hard to see them. Cover your team mates, while heading to dry land again. the steps will feature some aboiminartions (and a BigBrother on the higher difficulty levels). afterwards, go through the tunnel on the right and you'll be on a platform where below there is a hallway the next safe zone. Wade through the abominations and head to the next checkpoint.

Stage 3 Edit

The door will open up to a seemingly empy area, however go round the corner and go ahead for a little while and you will see a couple of ATC soldiers emerging from a small entryway (on the right). Use the enormous pipes to flank your way around them. Go into the said entryway and you will see a ATC soldiers at the dead end on the left. but first shoot the two ATC soldiers in front of you. Go to the left and beware of the ATC troopers near the second opening on the right.

You will come across a stationary APC with a usable turret. It is not recommended to use it when the flames are coming close.

  • Go right. eliminate the guards in the way. Go up the stairs and quickly head up the ladder to the vents.

You will face a group of abominations there. You will then drop down in platform where you will see ATC soldier below on either side. Use the palettes as cover and drop down. Get rid of the ATC soldiers on the left (which is where the next checkpoint is) and enter it.

To be continued...

Stage 4 Edit


This place ain't right...

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