Foxtrot Company is a Replica outfit deployed to safeguard and defend a forward command post, codenamed "Sigma," from ATC Black Ops near the epicenter of the Origin facility explosion. Foxtrot 813 is assigned to this unit as a Heavy EPA operator.

Monolith TimelineEdit

F.E.A.R. 2: RebornEdit

Dug in, but vastly outnumbered by ATC Black Ops, Replica Command orders for all nearby EPA units to converge onto the Command center to assist Foxtrot Company. Among them is Foxtrot 813, deployed via orbit in an Elite Powered Armor unit for immediate reinforcement. Upon entering the drop zone adjacent of the building where Sigma Command post is located, 813 deploys successfully and drives back ATC forces, destroying supporting Blackhawk helicopters as well. 813 later crosses over to the other building and rendezvouses with a squad from Foxtrot Company. Foxtrot Leader is notified of 813's presence and is ordered to sweep and clear the remaining floors of the building. However, their communication kiosk is experiencing some form of transmission error and they are unable to receive the order. Foxtrot 813 is ordered to help repair it but falls into Paxton Fettel's hallucination and is "persuaded" to kill all of the Foxtrot Replicas in the room. 813 thus goes rogue and escapes the building, killing many of Foxtrot Company's Replicas in the process.

Known Replicas of Foxtrot CompanyEdit

Note: Based on order of appearance side from Foxtrot Leader.