10mm HV Penetrator

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10mm HV Penetrator
Production information



Armacham HV Penetrator


Nail driver

Technical specifications


Damage Per Hit

35 (25 for AI)

Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode

Single shot
Fully automatic

Ammunition Type

10mm flechettes



Rate of Fire







Armacham HV Hammerhead
S-HV Penetrator


Replica Forces
ATC Security


The Armacham 10mm High Velocity Penetrator is a weapons-grade nail gun, firing 10mm steel stakes at lethal speeds. It can pin opponents to walls if the target is near a wall when they are hit with a fatal shot.

Both TimelinesEdit

F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault ReconEdit

The Penetrator is fielded by Replica forces as the standard issue firearm of the Heavy Armors and are sometimes found in use by Replica Elite Soldiers. This weapon is also found in weapons stashes.

Vivendi TimelineEdit

The Penetrator appears in both F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point and F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate, where ammunition becomes more abundant, particularly in Perseus Mandate. Players may find that the extra ammunition allows the weapon to become a viable alternative to more commonly used weapons, such as the G2A2 Assault Rifle.


The HV Penetrator is one of the most accurate weapons in the game, which makes it very useful for taking out targets in partial cover or at longer range. It boasts higher damage than both the RPL Submachinegun and, in some cases, the G2A2. However, its magazine is much smaller than those weapons, so the player will need to reload often. Because of the weapon's high accuracy, Slow-Mo is especially effective, allowing for easier precision targeting.

Although it does have good accuracy, it is ill advised in firing this weapon while moving. It suffers from high "bullet" spread, making it quite inaccurate. Therefore, it is recommended to remain stationary and zoom-in. Be sure to aim for the head to maximize damage and conserve ammo.

The rounds fired by the HV Penetrator have an armor piercing property which makes them effective against hardened targets, such as the REV6 Powered Armor and Replica Heavy Armor. However, against ceiling mounted defense turrets or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the armor penetration has no benefit, as these enemies are programmed with no armor and are durable due to high base health only. Against these targets, other weapons, such as the G2A2 assault rifle, are more efficient.

Penetrator ammunition is uncommon, so the player should try to conserve its ammo by using it only when its strengths are put to best use. It is a good idea to save ammunition for armored enemies and use it on light targets only when ammo is in excess.


  • The label "NGD-7" can be seen on the stock of the Penetrator, though it is not clear what the label stands for or signifies.
  • Occasionally when reloading the weapon, the magazine will not appear in line with the user's hands and will briefly float out and into the gun, behind the user's hands.
  • The Penetrator can also pin enemies to surfaces other than walls, even to ceilings, if fired upwards from below the target.
  • The Penetrator is sometimes called the "tentpole gun" by players, due to the large rods it fires, which stay stuck into victims.
  • Although the weapon has a vertical foregrip, it is never used by either enemies or the player.
  • The stakes fired by the Penetrator are bigger than what the barrel and magazine would allow, suggesting that the spikes expand as they exit the barrel.


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