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Interval 04 - Malice - Leviathan

F.E.A.R Extraction Point Walkthrough w Comm ~ Interval 04 - Malice - Leviathan ~ Part 9 HD

Interval Name
Interval 04 - Malice - Leaviathan
F.E.A.R. Extraction Point
Subway System
Replica Forces
REV8 Leaviathans

Initial BriefEdit


Replica forces have detonated large quantities of explosives in the subway system in order to prevent your escape.

The resulting explosion has blown you onto a nearby parking garage.

Find your way out of this parking garage and to the adjacent medical center.


Exit the parking garage and head towards the medical center.


After being blown out of the subway, the player wakes up on a parking garage, Jin is contacting you saying Replicas have taken the city, continue down the parking garage, make sure to pick up the MOD-3 Rocket Launcher on the beginning, they'll be needed, shooting the chopper attacking you won't do anything, get rid of the REV6 or run past it and continue towards the garage, you will face some Replicas and will need to fight 2 REV8 Leviathans.

After that, continue inside the building to reach Jin Sun-Kwon, fighting some Replicas along the way, opening doors, facing Alma and Jankowski, after it all, Fettel will attempt to stop you, Harlan's flashback will come again, ignore it and continue towards the hallucination to save Jin, follow her, after that hallucination is over, you'll find Jin dead, continue killing some more Replicas and get in to the hospital.

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