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Interval 05 - Extraction Point - Malignancy

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point Interval 05 - Extraction Point - Malignancy

Interval Name
Interval 05 - Extraction Point - Malignancy
F.E.A.R. Extraction Point
Auburn Memorial Hospital
Replica Forces
Alma Apparition

Initial BriefEdit


You have reached Auburn Memorial Hospital, alone. Jin Sun-Kwon is dead. No contact has been made with SFOD-D units for quite some time. Status of the extraction point is unknown.

Investigate the hospital with caution and locate the life flight elevator that has access to the hospital roof.


Locate the life flight elevator and take it to the extraction point on the hospital roof.


Finally arriving at Auburn Memorial Hospital, Point Man quickly discovers that many, if not all Delta Force operatives have been slaughtered. Moving through few hallways, the F.E.A.R operative encounters a squad of Replica Laser Elite Soldiers and easily dispatches them. After killing all the replicas on his current floor, the Point Man overrides the security checkpoint to progress further through. He descends to the lower floor, but not before encountering a group of Alma's Apparitions.

As he moves through the nursery ward, the Point Man is spooked by a particularly nasty apparition disguised as a nurse. Continuing on, the Point Man soon faces a group of Shades locked in a blood-drenched room. Replica Assassins, who have been stalking the F.E.A.R operative all this time, attacks him as well. Unrelenting, the Point Man moves on, and eventually reaches to a room littered with corpses of Delta Force specialists. After busying himself with the ammunition supplies in the room, the Point Man encounters a couple of Shades hoping to ambush him.

Afterwards, the Point Man is unable to progress directly through the life service elevator due to a gate blocking his path. Not too surprisingly, the security room is guarded by a squad of replicas, including a Replica Heavy Riot Armor. Nonetheless, the Point Man dispatches all of them and overrides the security; additional replica squads are then seen rushing into the area through the security camera. Having unlocked the gate, the Point Man is able to continue, only to be impeded by two Replica Heavy Armors equipped with HV Penetrators. A heavy riot armor soon engages the Point Man as well. Destroying all the heavy armors, the Point Man descends to the life service elevator, encountering a fatally-hurt replica soldier on the way. The mystery is soon solved as the Point Man watches a large group of Shades engage a squad of replica soldiers; the soldiers are easily killed. The Point Man finishes off the Shades and activates the elevator. Alma is seen approaching the elevator on the camera.

Not hesitating, the Point Man gets inside the elevator, only to have it malfunction mysteriously and go down into the morgue.