Through F.E.A.R, a large number of magazines are strewn about. All legible details are as follows, though most text is far too blurry to read.


  • Folks, a play off of People Magazine. This issue features a muscular, blond haired beared macho man with an odd expression, named Lungo. Probably parody of Fabio.
  • Longshoreman Digest. This issue features a longshoreman with a cap and large moustache. Some articles include, "Old Time Trapper", and "Run Through the Wrangells".
  • Atomik, probably a play off of Wired. This issue exclaims that, "EVENT HORIZON FOUND!!".
  • Executive Business, found once you breach the ATC offices. This issue features Andrew Griffin.


  • Griffin Tires, "Second Best Use for Rubber", "Tires for Pimps". Can be seen on a billboard when you land at the ATC helipad.
  • Computer Repair.
  • Spishak Institute, "Making Dreams Happen". Picture has two men infront of a building.
  • Snake Fist (Project Origin), can be found on the wall of the subway station and in Terry Halford's office.

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