Medical Injector
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Healing item

Technical specifications

5 inches


Jet injection




Medical Injectors are a piece of gear found in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

Monolith TimelineEdit

F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginEdit

Medical Injectors can heal Michael Becket by 20 health points; they can not be carried and are used as soon as they are in close proximity to the player, or are activated by them. They are sometimes dropped by neutralized enemies and can be found in certain areas in-game, generally where there are supply caches, though they may sometimes be found on shelves, on desks, or on countertops by themselves. Medical injectors automatically heal Becket right after pick up when his health is below complete, even to the extent of being used to just replenish 1 health point. They are designed after a jet injector and medical syringe, in that when the lever is depressed the contents are pushed out by air or CO2 pressure. The substance in the top vial is likely a mix of coagulants and morphine to stop bleeding and retain the stability of the body consuming it.

Medical Injectors are common among hostile NPCs, as they may drop one if the Medkit is in short supply. Like the injector in the previous games, it will glow in the dark, although the light is dim and will only barely light up the surroundings, unlike the Health and Reflex boosters.


Health injectors can only be used when Becket's health is below maximum, just like Medkits. However, they cannot be carried in the inventory. If low on health, or trying to conserve Medkits, the player should check areas where they have just killed enemies or return to areas where injectors were dropped by them before using a Medkit, as the Medical Injectors are much more common than Medkits. On higher difficulties, Becket may find himself relying on the them more, due to the faster drain of medical supplies. After 1.05 patch, there will be health icon over the injector (a red water drop icon), making them easier to spot. The player may not rely on the Injector much if playing on lower difficulties, as most attacks in game are stopped by body armor.