This page contains a list of Notable Quotes from Michael Becket.

F.E.A.R. 3Edit

  • "The bitch became obsessed with me... Don't you people understand?!"
  • "Why was she ever created? What good did they think would come of that... nightmare?!"
  • "Horrible. She raped me. Do you hear me, ARMACHAM?! She's... fucking... PREGNANT!"
  • "I've told you everything. Just leave me be."
  • "You're not Armacham... who are you? Who are you?"
  • "It's you! What do you want?"
  • "These butchers turned us into monsters!"
  • "I know who you are... you're her bastard SON!"
  • "I'm here because of you!"
  • "You have to kill the filthy maggot that grows inside her!"
  • "She's no longer your mother. The child... it must... it cannot be allowed... to... agh... live!"


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