This was the area of Fairport that was blocked off and evacuated by the Metro Police Department. The zone originally was around the South River Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Armacham Technology Corporation's headquarters which were the first areas taken by Replica Forces. The zone continued to expand as the Replica Forces expanded their search for the vault. The metro police were out gunned by Hind D Gunships and Replica Armored Trucks were forced to fall back and increase the zone to include the Auburn District and began to evacuate civilians from the near by residential areas as more and more military units were sent into combat the Replica Forces. When the Origin Facility Explosion happened the zone and most of the city were leveled the populace and the metro police were killed or worse turned into Remnants by Alma. It is possible that the metro police managed to evacuate a majority of the people near the quarantine zone but most of Fairport continued on with its daily activities which lead to the majority of the city to be killed by the blast.

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