This article contains Notable Quotes made by Redd Jankowski.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginEdit

  • "Nice of you to join us, sunshine."
  • "Whadda they want this Aristide chick for anyway?"
  • "Lighten up, Top. She's a suit. What's she gonna do? Send a nasty text message?"
  • "What the fuck Top, its like a thousand fucking stories!"
  • "Shit, why do I gotta get stuck with Bucket?"
  • "This op is bullshit, man. What's so important about this chick that the cops can't pick her up?"
  • Hey, maybe if you knock loud enough, Genevieve Aristide will come and let us in herself."
  • "Dude, making fun of a man for his knowledge is a sign of insecurity."
  • "Becket... We need to help her."
  • "Can you hear? She's crying."

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