Old editions of The Tribune can be found in Auburn. Many of the headlines are unintelligible.

    • Picture of Harlan Wade
  • Gas Prices Skyrocket
  • Top Headline: CITY TO CLEAN UP SLUMS
  • Kevin Deadrick dominating the competition
  • Shipping rates on the rise
    • Picture of (?) Bill Moody adjacent to Wade's
  • Pendleton Control Units being recalled
    • Shows picture of large blue console seen throughout industrial areas
  • City population plummets, Scientists- (covered by other paper)
  • City replaces Water Treatme- (covered by other paper)
  • Crates appearing everywhere in city: Gov. baffled
    • Shows picture of possibly ATC crate
  • Gas prices reach all- (covered by other paper)

Several other articles exist, but are difficult to read.

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