• I came to this game late because I was never interested in games that are meant to be scary. But now I fianlly have an interest in the series and decided to rent it through GameFly. So far I am not impressed but I believe that is because the game didn't age well. I heard people praise the ability to lean in combat but I find it bothersome to have to let go of the left thumb-stick to use the d-pad to lean. I imagine on PC it would be easier. As well the game doens't feel scary to me at all. Again I think its because it is an old game that didn't age well, sorry to sound like a broken record. The flashing of low quality dead bodies on my screen and the random appearnces of ghostly like NPC and the little girl. I understand what it is trying to do. I feel like I really missed out picking the game up so many years late. I feel like if I tried this game out when it was new I would have a different experience.

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    • I'm playing the game for the first time too, but on a pc. 

      In a dark room, headphones on for full effect.

      Love it! It's creepy, things jump out, battle is tough (with the right settings), and you never know what's around the next corner. Plus, the AI is smarter than even many games that come out now.

      I don't use peek much, but this is one game where both peek and flashlight actually mean something when used properly. That said, as I'm on a pc peek is probably easier and more fluid.

      Fully agreed - playing this game in it's day would have had much more effect. Disagreed that it doesn't age well.

      It's you who isn't aging well a cynical bastid ;-p :-p hehe

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    • The game was released back in 2005, and at that time, yes, its was a scary game like Doom 3. Personally, the first game, the both expansion packs and F.E.A.R. 2 do their job well. Scare is not the only thing the series brings, but also action. If you look at F.E.A.R. by today's standards, yeah it is outdated and it has many shortcomings. Since scary games are release in annual basis, and the devs are all trying to make them more and more exciting to please the audience; two notable examples are Amnesia and Outlast, after I finished both games, F.E.A.R. cannot bring me genuine fear anymore (no puns intended). I think in present day, those who are still playing F.E.A.R. series are mostly out of nostalgia, me included.

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    • Sector 36, if you think a zombie-like game for the 3654th time like "Outlast" is better than the original "F.E.A.R.", then sorry man. With "Amnesia" I can understand, but I think, it is not only "F.E.A.R." that didn't age well (you're right on that, it doesn't bother me though), the problem is you choosing graphics over the gameplay. You're just a typical modern gamer guy - you're simply not able to play anything below 2010. I understand that too, you're a type who's looking forward not backwards, progressing. But don't let the ignorance get to you as the original "F.E.A.R." has a really rare atmosphere and tricks in american productions - a true J-Horror.

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    • Well I for one do agree it hasn't aged well, or perhaps never was very good? I've been playing games from every genre since the late '70s and have no problem picking up a game or movie regardless of age and, enjoying it thoroughly. But F.E.A.R left me quite dissatisfied, which doesn't happen all that often. Then again, I did play through all of it, which also doesn't happen very often. It's just that it felt very... weak. I want a game to excel at something, even if it's just one thing - be it an engaging story, enchanting game world, interesting characters, awesome weapons, pleasant mechanics, music, graphics or atmosphere. Perhaps I am just not getting what it is that F.E.A.R does really well?

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