The unanswered message.

Armacham Headquarters - Interval 06 - Voicemail 4 are two voice messages left at the desk of a woman named Janice at Armacham Technology Corporation Headquarters. It is unclear what Janice knows of Armacham Technology Corporation's secret and immoral experiments, however, the voicemails suggest she may have some inside knowledge of Project Origin. These messages appear in Interval 06 - Interception - Unauthorized Personnel.

Message 1 ContentEdit

Hey Janice, it's Bill Moody. Iain Hives sent me down to the South River Treatment Plant to do some wastewater analysis. I'm concerned about my findings since that effluent comes from residential areas. It may be originating in Auburn, which might actually explain a lot. I'm gonna send you a copy of my report so you can make sure the proper people are informed.

Message 2 ContentEdit

Janice, it's Iain. Wanted to give you a heads up that you might be getting a call from Bill Moody. I think the best course of action would be for you to act like you give a shit about his concerns. I think all he really wants is to believe that someone in authority is taking the ball and running with it. I think I fucked up by blowing him off, so I'm guessing he'll run to you. Anyway, let me know how it works out.

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