The unanswered phone.

Watchers - Voicemail 2 is the second unanswered phone message found inside Armacham Technology Corporation Headquarters. This phone contains a series of three messages, two from Charles Habegger and one from Marshall Disler. Though who the phone belongs to is unknown, it can be presumed that this person has knowledge of Project Origin and Armacham Technology Corporation's history of unethical experimentation. It can also be presumed that the recipient is a high ranking researcher on the Perseus Project.

These messages are found in Interval 04 - Infiltration - Watchers.

Message 1 ContentEdit

It's Chuck Habegger. I've analyzed the readings and I'm recommending we suspend Perseus until we can figure out what's causing the synchronization. The patterns are identical to what we saw last time, but obviously the consequences would be a hell of a lot worse.

Message 2 ContentEdit

I got your message. Maybe you've forgotten that when this happened before, Fettel was only a child. And the fallout of that fuckup was that Origin had to be permanently shut down. This time we're talking about a highly trained military commander with a telepathic link to hundreds of soldiers that don't think for themselves. If you're worried about being behind schedule now, imagine what'll happen if we end up with a full-scale revolt.

Message 3 ContentEdit

Hi, it's Marshall. I just got off the phone with Chuck Habegger. I'm really worried about his findings. He said he talked to you about suspending the program temporarily and I've got to agree. If there's even the slightest chance of a Synchronicity Event, we've got to take it seriously. I'm going to head over to the Perseus Compound and check things out myself. Why don't you give me a call on my cell and let's discuss this.

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